Romantic Seville

Seville is on the southern part of Spain. It is a charming spanish city that has the great balance of both small town and large cities. This city is home to hundreds of unique spanish entertainment such as bull riding, flamenco, sangria tasting, horseback riding, and the list goes on. Seville also offers historical cathedrals and architecture which can make the night romantic.

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Crazy Cairo

One of the oldest and most magical place in the world. Cairo is the Capitol of Egypt with a population of over 20 million. This city has the rarity of any other city to have such a contrast in civilization architecture. However, you might feel a few decades back in time since it’s lack of technology and lifestyle advancement.

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Lose yourself Suzhou

An hour car ride from Shanghai, Suzhou will take you to authentic china. This is where you will meet the locals and what China‘s values are truly based on. It has a population of a whopping 13 million people . There are some schools that host international students so occasionally you will see foreigners.

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How Traveling Has Changed Me?

My first travel experience changed my life forever. At 16, I somehow convinced my mom to send me on a school trip to Spain. Eventually it happened and didn’t know how to react. I was overwhelmed with many emotions and immersed a new type of reality. From that moment on, I became inspired and changed my values.

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Vibrant & Sexy Miami

Miami is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  The amazing desirable  beach with beautiful women, This city is rich in history, diversity, beauty, culture, nightlife.  It’s home to the Art Deco festival and as well as other iconic artist.I love Miami! This city would be the pick as my all time favorite destination.

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Breaking Berkeley

It was once home to the hippie movement and several protest during the civil rights movement. Nowadays, Berkeley is home to one the best public universities in the world that has become a popular college town. UC Berkeley host many sports game such as the world famous CAL football team.

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Lavish Luxor

The most intriguing place you will ever visit. Luxor holds the record for the city with most temples in the world.  The city consist of ancient ruins and natural beauty. The most popular destination of Luxor is Valley Of The Kings. This giant sized temple has the best  preserved remainings of any early egyptian civilization.

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Lost in Lake Yushandao

Lake Yushandao is small lake resort in China. The lake consist of small islands that were once occupied by Bhuddist which left much of island with a strong Buddhist influence. There are several statues and temples throughtout the islands. This would be great for anyone who believes in meditation as the island are ideal for tranquility.  Continue reading

Marvelous Morocco

Tangier is located in north Morocco. It is about half an hour from the Mediterranean shore. Tangier is surrounded by mountains and an isolated valley. The main attraction here is you get to experience life of an average Moroccan Individual. Shopping at the busy bazaar, eating authentic Moroccan food, stepping inside locals homes, and activities with the Moroccan students are just some of the activities you will enjoy. Continue reading

Amazing Aswan

Aswan is located in the southern region of Egypt.  The city runs along the Nile River and home to the Aswan Damn. Unlike Cairo, Aswan has more of a laid back atmosphere. The city doesn’t have a skyline or any major attractions other than the temples. However, Aswan is the best place to interact with the people and experience the culture. Continue reading